In late January 2018, Bambu Maternity donated over $10,000 worth of maternity clothing to the Royal Women's Hospital ("The Foundation") to support women in need. See blog story here.

Recently, we had the pleasure of receiving an update from The Social Work Team from The Foundation regarding how our contribution has been changing lives. See below:

“…Testimonials from our Social Work team:

Since January, we have provided Bambu clothing bags to women who have had unplanned admissions related to pregnancy, drug and alcohol issues, women who have had pregnancy losses and women who were homeless.

The women have been very grateful for the clothes. One patient cried when I gave them to her as she had been feeling so rotten in the clothes she had been wearing when she had come in and having stayed longer than expected. Another patient, who is new to Australia, is facing difficult times as her husband can’t find work. She is feeling very sad about their situation, she has medical issues and the couple are very isolated. I gave her the bag (as she is growing out of her maternity clothes) and she was so grateful to have something that she can wear that was new and soft.

The clothes are lovely and soft, and comfortable for patients, particularly those who are pregnant or post-surgical.

Your clothing has made such a tremendous difference to women in need…”

Once again, thanks to you Bambu Lovers out there we have been able to make a small difference to pregnant women in need.

Thank you.

Mich & Mel.